A New Normal For Temperature

New normal for what the temperature changed because NOAA updated the temperature average that meteorologist use. The baseline for normal weather from 1981-2010 was 52.8 degrees Fahrenheit. The new baseline from 1991-2020 is 53.3 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a 1.5-degree Fahrenheit increase. While this may not appear to be big jump, it is easy toContinue reading “A New Normal For Temperature”

Synchrony of Fireflies

Fireflies, Photinus carolinus, dazzle with a spectacular light show each summer. There is math intertwined in this beauty. Scientists have discovered that they exhibit synchronous behavior. According to Steven Strogatz, a Cornell University mathematician, the flashing is an enormous system oscillators, things that have a rhythm and go through a cycle. Their team spent severalContinue reading “Synchrony of Fireflies”

Aren’t We Due One?

Oftentimes people believe in the misconception of the “law of averages” that you are due one. After seven straight boys, parents may think they are due a girl. Unfortunately, having a child is like tossing a coin. There is 50% chance for heads and a 50% chance for tails.  This same logic applies to givingContinue reading “Aren’t We Due One?”

The Most Scenic Drives According to Instagram Data

7 million Instagram hashtags were analyzed to find the most stunning road trips across the globe. The data is presented as a slope, pictures per mile. The road trips are ranked by greatest pictures per mile to the least pictures per mile. Big Sur, USA is 5, 225 pictures per mile. Compare that with GreatContinue reading “The Most Scenic Drives According to Instagram Data”

The Pandemic of Work-From-Home Injuries

Many people are sustaining injuries working from home during the pandemic. This is an excellent story to get students to think about the ergonomic design of work stations. The attached document is a great warm up to understanding how geometry works in ergonomic design. Human Factors and Safety Engineering What types of triangles do youContinue reading “The Pandemic of Work-From-Home Injuries”