No mode for a song sparrow’s song

Song sparrows have a diverse repertoire of songs and do not appear to overuse any of them. Rather than repeatedly practicing the same song, they pressed the shuffle button. When it comes to song sparrow music, there is no mode. What other measures of central tendency best describe the behavior of a song sparrow?

A New Normal For Temperature

New normal for what the temperature changed because NOAA updated the temperature average that meteorologist use. The baseline for normal weather from 1981-2010 was 52.8 degrees Fahrenheit. The new baseline from 1991-2020 is 53.3 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a 1.5-degree Fahrenheit increase. While this may not appear to be big jump, it is easy to…

Aren’t We Due One?

Oftentimes people believe in the misconception of the “law of averages” that you are due one. After seven straight boys, parents may think they are due a girl. Unfortunately, having a child is like tossing a coin. There is 50% chance for heads and a 50% chance for tails.  This same logic applies to giving…

Ethics in Experiments

This lesson will address The Tuskegee Experiment and Henrietta Lacks. The guided questions can be answered while watching the video.

Courtroom Statistics

The United States of America vs. Kristin Gilbert is a fascinating case in hypothesis testing by Gelbach. In the case there was a suspicious numbers of deaths at the Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center, the investigators wanted to know if the number of deaths that occurred when Kristen Gilbert was on duty was so unlikely that…

Skittles Six Sigma Lean Manufacturing

Take a virtual trip to the Wrigley’s manufacturing facility to see the normal distribution in real life. This activity students will discover how six sigma manufacturing applies to the normal distribution curve. Fun size skittle packet for each student will be needed.

FDA continues investigation into dog heart damage linked to diet

The following questions can guide a class discussion after reading this article. Many students might find this fascinating if they are pet owners. Take a poll of the type of dog food that is given to the animals. 1.  What two variables are being compared? 2.  What are possible lurking or confounding variables? 3.  This…

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